Frequently Asked Questions
  1. PSD2
What is PSD2?
PSD2 is new European directive (2015/2366/EU) which includes, supplements and replaces the previous PSD (2007/64/CE) which provided for the legal basis for the creation of the single market for payment services at EU level.
What is the scope of the Directive?
PSD2 is applied to the payment services in the European Union. It is focused primarily on online payments and does not include, among others, paper based payment transactions including cash and cheques.
What is the objective of PSD2?
The objective of PSD2 is to create a single and integrated market for payment services, harmonizing the standards for the institutional banks and new payment service providers, and to speed up the digital transformation of payment. Introducing PSD2, it is aimed to: - contribute towards more integrated and more efficient European payment services market - open payment services market for new stakeholders, increasing competition - promote innovative and internet payment services - introduce strict security related rules for initiating and processing of online payments and consumers' data protection
Is users' safety guaranteed?
PSD2 is based on the users' safety. No access will be possible without appropriate license and prior consent of a customer. HPB will never grant to third parties any access to a customer's data without his/her specific consent.
What are the effects and benefits for customers?
The authentication procedures related to payment and transaction data must be established, applying strict security requirements. The significant change is the possibility that the customers may allow licensed third party providers (TPPs) to access the payment accounts maintained by the banks and available via internet or mobile banking or, allow access to information on their payment accounts and initiate payments from their accounts.
Where can I find more information on PSD2?
For more information, see the following links:
EU Directive
  1. Portal for programmers
What is the portal for programmers?
HPB's web site where TPP programmers may: - consult API catalogue and discover the possibilities of our API services - get informed about our entire API solution - download API services' documentation and learn how to use them properly and safely - register for a development portal and try integration with HPB services
How to register?
Company's administrator may access the page for portal registration for development programmers and shall be required to enter the following information: - Name and surname - Company's name - E-address of the organization's administrator - Password - Password confirmation Then the administrator will receive the confirmative e-mail to activate the account. Please note that the first user who registered TPP according to defined settings is the organization’s administrator.
  1. HPB PSD2 Documentation
HPB PSD2 Documents and Announcements can be accessed by visiting following link: